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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 13, 2009 6:00am-9:00am EST

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news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- steve: hi, everybody. welcome to the program. what a blockbuster. we've been telling you for the last week about this shooter -- alleged shooter give him his justice. nidal hasan. well, there was a blockbuster of news yesterday. apparently police found in his apartment near fort hood a box of business cards. apparently they were printed and ordered over the internet. and on it was something where he described himself as s.o.a. gretchen just mentioned it. apparently that refers to soldier of ala. gretchen: this story just keeps getting more crazy. if you're ever covering a case where you thought you had a lot of evidence, that might be one of them. i thought it was announced he was actually charged with the 13 deaths, and he was charged with
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premeditated murder which would make him h eligible for the deah penalty. can you think of any other case in recent history that you would think maybe would be eligible for the death pept more than this one -- penalty more than this one? it will be interesting to see how this comes down because of the politically correct society we live in. do you think he will get the death penalty if he is found convicted? that will be interesting. brian: eight enlisted soldiers lost his lives to his gun, four officers, one civilian. when they took a walk through his apartment, they found the business cards there. no mention of a military insignia. so clearly he's freelancing. and number two, they also found some prescription medication and an h.i.v. drug. steve: oh, man. brian: we don't know what he was dealing with, but we do know he also loved strip clubs, would spend sometimes up to eight hours there. steve: can we put up -- there's some of the prescription drugs can we put up the business cart for a moment again and point o
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out -- brian: that's his apartment. take a look. steve: great place. in addition to s.o.a., soldier of ala, we were talking about this, this morning, you can also see after that s.w.t. apparently this is a common describer used by muslims. it means glory to god. so you have "soldier of ala, glory to god" on his business card. gretchen: he's also offering behavior health, mental health and life skills. you have to wonder about the people he counseled and things he would say to them, which is relatively scary. that's what i'm talking about. when you put together all of this evidence, it will be huge. there will be a huge amount of evidence. my only concern is that the defense attorney is also going to be able to come up with these people who say, yeah, we thought he was nuts and then they're going to try to prove that he was psychotic and not an alleged terrorist. brian: homeland security secretary janet napolitano says the number one priority is to bring him to justice. no, it isn't. he's going to get justice.
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he killed 13 people. that's along the way. that's a process. the number one priority is seeing who he was talking to and what he learned. and there are more and more reports that he was sending money over to pakistan, possibly the same area in which zazi, the coffee -- guy who was selling coffee in new york city who was going to blow up the subways. and there's more and more links to other imams that used to be in washington. and then we're going to get the exposure of at least 20 e-mails. gretchen: that's a great point. i didn't think of that when i heard her comment. but also, how many other people like hasan are within our own military? that's what scares me when i try and fall asleep at night. steve: we are trying to piece all of the parts together. one of the things we're still waiting for are the ballistic reports to see who exactly did bring down hasan a week and a day ago. there's a story in the new york daily news" from the mother of sergeant mark todd, who like any goodson told his mom what happened -- good son told his
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mom what happened that day. he was one of the two civilian officers who encountered hasan. the mother said, "when he told me what happened, i was thinking why are they giving this woman all the credit. i don't want to diminish what she did, i just want him to get the credit as well." todd said thursday that his bullets felled hasan and that he and munley arrived at the same time but split up and she saw him first and she was shot three times by him. brian: an eyewitness who was 10 feet away, the sergeant james mccloud says something similar. she sees right away, the officer, sergeant munley, was hit in the leg. she did go down. initial reports that she didn't go down. but then he shot her and then she shot him. which would make sense because he's got some bullet wounds and she was shot three times. and then he came over, got her attention, meaning sergeant todd who joined us yesterday, sergeant todd got his attention, he wheeled around and he shot.
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hasan shot and sergeant todd shot. nailed him a bunch of times. and in the end had to revive him, cuffed him, kicked his gun away and had to revive him and save his life. gretchen: the headline said, should we still call sergeant munley a rear h hero? yeah. she ran into the line of fire. i don't care who shot him. the bottom line is they both went there in the line of fire to do what they did and it was a brave act. steve: soon we'll know exactly who did it when the ballistic reports come out. gretchen: let's do the headlines. we do have a severe weather alert. tropical da -- ida. joining us from virginia beach, one of the hardest hit areas so far, our own craig boswell. >> good morning. the waters have receded overnight, inland. and, of course, we had low tide. now that we're coming up on high tide, the waters are beginning to rise again. forecasters are predicting about a seven to eight-foot tidal search. keep in mind the ocean and bay
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are just half of the issue. inland we have rivers and streams that have overflowed because of all the heavy rains, all day yesterday, all night last night, all into this morning. up to half an inch an hour. several streets are under several feet of water. we had to take alternate routes just to get here passing cars that were covered up to the doors. even up to the roofs in water. people here are comparing this november nor'easter to hurricane is bell more than six years ago. people that rebuilt after that storm are finding themselves washed out again. many of the piers like the one -- you probably can't see it behind me yet. many of those piers are no longer there. and, of course, gretchen, i remember talking to you on tuesday from fort walton beach, florida when tropical storm ida came ashore. it was nothing like the storm it has become as it has continued to move up to the north of here. back to you. gretchen: and it's headed our way with 50 mile-per-hour winds here for new york and the surrounding area. thank you very much. another fox news alert.
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president obama is in tokyo right now to meet with the prime minister. he's beginning a one-week tour of asia in an effort to restore relations. the president looking to prove to asian leaders they are a priority, despite the wars in iraq and afghanistan. on his way to japan, the president stopped over in alaska. he told our troops he would not sent them into conflict without a clear strategy. >> i want you guys to understand i will never hesitate to use force to protect the american people or our vital interests, but i also make you this promise. i will not risk your lives unless it is necessary to america's vital interests. gretchen: coming up in 15 minutes, the president and prime minister are scheduled to speak live. we will bring that to you when temperatures. another break story. a homicide bomb area tacks a naval base in afghanistan, wounding at least six people. it happened this morning near camp phoenix, a logistics support base for u.s. forces. the taliban, of course, claiming responsibility. saying they were targeting an
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international convoy. meantime, britain's prime minister is saying 5,000 more nato troops could be sent to the country. it could be the biggest counterterrorism seizure in u.s. history. federal prosecutors are moving to seize four mosques in a new york -- and a new york city skyscraper owned by a muslim organization that is suspected of being controlled by the iranian government. the property including this 36-story building in the heart of new york city. prosecutors say the muslim group that owns it has been funneling money to iran for its nuclear program. all tolled, the assets are worth apparently more than $500 million. the foundation says it will fight the case and that it will prevail. another fox news alert, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks about to face justice in new york. khalid shake mohammad enfour other conspirators will be sent to new york to face trial in a civilian federal court. the terrorist suspects are currently being held at gitmo. attorney jenneric holder
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expect -- general eric holder expected to make that announcement today. holder also expected to announce the suspects in the bombing of the u.s.s. cole will face justice before a commission. speaking of that, this guy came under fire. now greg craig, the top lawyer at the white house is expected to step down today. craig could become the highest ranking official to leave the obama administration so far. and former alaska governor sarah palin promoting her new book on "the oprah show." she sat down with oprah after the daytime talk queen refused to interview her during the campaign. some of the talk was about the family drama concerning levi john so the father of her grandson. >> he is loved. he is the most beautiful child. this can all work out for good. it really can. we don't have to keep going down this road of controversy and drama all the time. we're not into the drama. we don't like that. gretchen: that's an interesting take. we'll talk about that later on.
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palin also talked about her interview with katie couric. hear what she said about that when we discuss it in the next hour. those are your quick headlines. brian: 10 minutes after the hour. steve: the centers for disease control released the latest death toll numbers. they are three to four times higher than estimate the. >> he estimate that 22 million people have become ill from pandemic influenza. we estimate that 98,000 people have been hospitalized so far through october 17. 900,000 people have died so far. steve: so how will the government keep up? we're joined by fox news medical contributor and author of "swine flu" dr. marc siegel. everywhere i go people are talking about i'm trying to get the swine flu vaccine. no one's got it. people want it. this is a big mistake by the government.
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>> it's not being distributedded properly. there's about 41 million doses but there's a scramble for it. some areas have it and no one's taking it. in new york city clinics over the weekend no one was taking it other areas there's long lines. so there's not an even distribution among the states. and they're supposed to be rolling out about 10 million doses each week, but they're not up to that. and by the way, these numbers are reflective of just catching up. it's 22 million cases. that's not over the past week. that's looking back at the statistics of everyone that's gotten sick. and eight million of those are kids. gretchen: here's the interesting thing. think these numbers -- they're impossible to prove. in a lot of cases they're not even testing kids for swine flu anymore. in my community there are tons of kids who i think have it but they're not even testing them anymore. >> that's a great point. it's something like influenza-like illness. you get tired, fever, fatigue. they say probably h1n1. they do not test it, do not have
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the ability to. on the other hand, this isn't flu season. so we're not expecting any other strains. and when they do test it, 90% of the time it is this strain. so it's fairly obvious to physicians when it's the h1n1. they're both over and under diagnosing it. brian: so they say 35,000 americans typically die from flu-related symptoms. how much worse would h1n1 be? >> here's what i think the headline is. the issue is it's mostly younger people. 90% of the cases are under 65 this time. a lot of olderly may be sick from something else. they get the flu. if you're 90 years old and the flu, you end up with a death, they call it an influenza death. but we're seeing teenagers and younger children die of this in an amount that we never see this time of year which is why we got to get that vaccine out. we have to diagnose it early and give antiviral drugs like tamiflu if we find it it was so dramatic. i was talking on the show about halloween, getting it from trick or treating. my own son got it from trick or treating that day.
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it is all over the place. steve: the government's had six months to figure tout. the system is not better. >> they made the wrong vaccine first. they made too much of the seasonal vaccine which is not going to come at all or will come later. steve: thanthank you for makinga couch call. brian: we toweled about major nidal hasan calling himself a soldier on his business card. he wasn't trying to keep his beliefs a secret. our next guests says he's not the only one. gretchen: and the president with japan and minister. we will bring it to you live.
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brian: the so-called balloon boy's parents heading to court this morning, expected to plead guilty to a felony charge. he faces about 90 days behind bars. his wife mayumi will plead guilty and face up to 60 days in jail.
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the pleas will be part of a deal to keep mayumi from being deported to japan. the man convicted of killing anne pressley will spend the rest of his life behind bars. a judge sentenced curtis vance to life in prison without parole. he was sentenced after jurors heard about his abusive childhood and drug-addicted mom. steve: meanwhile, the massacre at fort hood a week ago raises a question of terrorists infiltrating the u.s. military. plus the feds are now investigating the accused shoote were not alerted when he bought a gun. is there a breakdown in the system? gretchen: president of the center for security policy frank gaffney joins us. how do you see it now? we're a week passed this shooting happening. sort of analyze for us, if you can, how you see it unfolding. >> well, i think the evidence just continues to accumulate. this was an individual who
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adheres to what authoritative islam calls sharia and that the evidence making him, in effect, an insipient jihaddist if not an active jihaddist was ignored system yachtically by people who found, i think it simply too risky to their careers to raise an alarm about a muslim who was, as you indicated in the teaser for this, making no secret of his loyalties and interests in advancing the calls that sharia requires him to, which is this promotion of a sort of global islamic theology and program. steve: in fact, the big news this morning, frank is apparently this guy had business cards that he printed off the internet that said he was an s.o.a., a sollier of ala, and -- soldier of ala and it also said glory to god as well. there it is there. what we worry about is because
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we heard from some of the doctors who assessed him about a year ago at walter reed. they were afraid to fire him because, you know, it's complicated to fire a doctor and they didn't want to appear to be bigots or discriminating a guy who is racist -- or rather, who is muslim. so that opens up a whole other problem. >> indeed. and i think this is what we are seeing. whether it's the intelligence agencies that assess that his direct ties or his direct contacts, at least, on 10 to 20 occasions which a recruiter for al qaeda and imam in yemen wasn't a real problem, that the guys who were watching him provide his, you know, masters program performances in the university of the health sciences, advancing the idea that, you know, we're engaged in a war against islam. that wasn't a problem. in short what everyone's engaged in on our side, if you will, has been acts of what i think is best called submission. it's not just political
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correctness. it's actually saying, you know, we can't resist. we can't call this guy into account. it's too dangerous for us and our careers. steve: great point of view. we're short this morning because we're going to go to the president in japan right now. thank you for joining us live. gretchen: and the president is in tokyo this morning about to hold that joint news conference with japan's prime minister. our senior white house correspondent major garrett traveling with the president. he joins us now with a preview. i forget if it's the seventh or eighth trip overseas for the president, more than any other president in this amount of time in office. >> that's right. eight days, four countries. when the president's done, he will have visited 20 countries in the first year in office a modern time record for an american president. this will be a short press conference, one question on each side. one from the traveling white house press corps, one from the japanese press corps. yukio hatoyama represents a political revolution in this country of sorts because for
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nearly 50 years with one exception of 10 months the liberal democratic party has ruled japan. well, the democratic party of japan broke that lock on power and it wants to reassess the entire relationship with the united states both economic and security. the obama administration really doesn't want to revisit all of that, but president obama said on the record he understand that a new party coming to power will want to take a look at all the underlying agreements negotiated with the united states by the liberal democratic party. the big issues that will be on the table between these two leaders -- climate change, north korea, and trade. one other issue, of course, is afghanistan with the democratic party of japan came in, the prime minister decided to end a long-standing refueling operation the japanese were conducting with vessels in the indian ocean. but in exchange, the japanese government has put up funds in reconstruction aid. botin the main, this summit, the
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second time the two leaders have met is not going to produce any new u.s.-japanese announcement on any of the issues i discussed but it will be an opportunity for the two to discuss trade, north korea and climate change. steve: major, just a moment ago the white house office of the press secretary released something. apparently the u.s. and japan are going to issue a joint statement toward a world without nuclear weapons. now, that's something we've kind of heard a little bit about in past trips. >> well, that's right. the president made an effort in his speech in prague to denuclearize the entire planet. and ongoing in those efforts are u.s.-russia relations to reduce stockpiles. that's going to come up later in singapore when the president meets with the russian president. the japanese are very big on this issue for historical reasons that don't need to be
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revisited. and that is sort of a joint commitment from both nations. but since president obama has already put the united states on that palling and the japanese have -- path and the japanese have been in favor with that, it fits into context here in asia of putting pressure on north korea. the six-party talks, which has been -- not only distracting but in many ways changing the politics in asia as china, japan, south korea and others try to encourage or pressure the north koreans to stop their pursuit of nuclear weapons. brian: in a malter of moments i understand the president will be speaking. real quick. how big a deal is this moving of the military base? >> it has been negotiated. that's another point of contention. though it's not going to come up in these talks. it may come up in the press conference. the democratic party of japan wants to revisit the current existing plans to move 8,000
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marines to guam out of okinawa. about more than half of the u.s. military personnel japan are stationed in kinawa. residents there would like to see that number reduced. this was negotiated over 13 years of the united states government, several administrations and the liberal democratic party in japan. the new party wants to revisit that but president obama said on the record he expects this new government to respect the existing arrangement and not exchange things as it is understood and if that democratic party of japan does, congress has made it clear it's not going to fund the efforts to move the 8,000 ma reefn 8,000 mm meaning if the democratic party of japan changes the deal, it will still have more marines there than is currently negotiated and that would set things back. it's a big source of controversy here in japan. but because the united states has set up a cabinet level arrangement with cabinet officials of this new party in japan and existing ones in the obama administration, it's been put on a sidetrack, not expected
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to be a big part of the issues discussed. gretchen: major, a lot of people will think that what happens with china could be the most important part of this trip. since by all accounts china is pretty much holding up the u.s. economy right now. so there's a lot of give and take there between the two nation, no doubt. and there's a quote from one of obama's senior advisors on this trip saying that on none of these issues can we succeed without china's cooperation. that's the most simplistic way to say it. isn't it? >> yes. and later on today the president is going to deliver a speech. his one set piece speech of this entire trip through asia, talking about his perspective and the u.s. approach to asia. it's going to talk about integrating with all the major powers here. of course, japan considers itself a major trading partner and security partner of the united states and is concerned about the growing relationship between the united states and china economically. and it's one of the issues that's probably going to come up as sort of a side one between
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president obama and prime minister hotayama. i wouldn't say the chinese have a big control of the u.s. economy, but they are the largest debt holder. they're the largest debt holder by far. one of the things that's a reality of that is the chinese are not going to stop buying u.s. debt. they're not going to sell it either because neither would work to their short-term, mid-therm or owning economic interests. but holding on to that debt does give the chinese considerable influence on other issues. the obama administration has said on a couple of issues, north korea, the chinese have become more cooperative in applying pressure to north korea and willing to consider sanctions. lots of issues to discuss in china. when we get to beijing, the president will meet with dominant leaders in china to discuss a range of issues. steve: we're look at a live picture inside the official residence in the prime minister's office where the press conference is going to be going on.
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they should come out in a second. tell us a little bit about this prime minister. we understand that he campaigned on a pledge to set a more independent course from washington, d.c. which, of course, we're not crazy about. >> prime minister hatayama, democratic party of japan, sort of credits his victory here with calling for significant change. he didn't really have hope as a slogan, but he certainly had change. very much an obama-type message here in japan. and a new party that's basically revisiting things, existing party that ruled japan for 50 years, really taking stock of everything. not only in japan but its relationship with the united states. the obama administration, as i said earlier, understands that it has to do that. but on the key issues, particularly dealing with security, placement of marines, owinawa. the president said on the record, you're going to take a look at it take your time but we know you're going to come back to the existing agreements because that's what works best for the united states and ultimately japan. gretchen: has there been any discussion about afghanistan
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since you left on this asia trip is in the big news here yesterday as the president was making his way to alaska and then on to asia was that, in fact, he had said to his car council, hey, i'm no not going to take any of these options you're presenting to me. now this morning it's coming out that maybe he's asking them to combine some of them and that the exit strategy seems to be what he's most concerned about. what are you hearing? >> well, first of all, there's a couple of things going on. one, the president needs to communicate to democrats on capitol hill that he is not only looking at his military options for a long haul stay in afghanistan. the president wants to win, considers it a war of necessity. but to obtain the political support he's going to need from democrats so he is not appearing to prosecute only a republican-backed war, he needs to talk about an exit strategy. administration officials are somewhat candid about that on background that the president needs to communicate strongly that in all of these deliberations over the next course of action in afghanistan he is focused on not only achieving military developmental
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and diplomatic goals in afghanistan but also has a path in his mind and maybe can state it in somewhat flexible terms to move u.s. forces out of afghanistan eventually. without that there's great fear in the white house democrats on capitol hill simply will not good along with any plan to increase u.s. forces in afghanistan. i'd say that's a fear. we don't know how it will play out politically once democrats are asked to make those votes. but that is one anxiety. sphargs how it's come up here, i'm sure it's come newspaper the conversation. but the president just landed a couple of hours ago. brian: i know the secretary of defense made a statement essentially telling all parties, stop talking. because you have the leaks out of the embassy, you have, of course, general mcchrystal giving interviews, you have other leaks out of the administration. are you surprised at the array and volley of leaks coming on a daily basis? >> well, i'll tell you the white house perspective on this. the white house prer pecktive -- perspective it feels some people
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in the pentagon are speaking too candidly about the military options. the white house feels that it simes and in some ways is an effort to box the president in on military-only solutions. one of the reasons he asked karl ikenberry -- eikenberry to provide advice is to signal this is not just going to be a military operation. now, it's not uncommon in politics in washington for one branch to pressure the other with leaks or bits and pieces of information. the president wants to communicate very strongly to all concerned that he's going to make this decision, he's not going to get boxed in by leaks, numbers or other assessments of policy he's ultimately going to make. steve: major had joined us to set it up for about two minutes before the president came to the podium. they're actually about 11 minutes late right now. one other thing, apparently, major, the prime minister of japan -- >> can i call my attorney anytime in this process?
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steve: yeah, renegotiate your deal on this. gretchen: i love being able to pick your brain. steve: apparently the prime minister and our president are going to be able to issue a joint statement targeting an 80% reduction in global green house gases from the current level by the year 2050. this is something veneer and dear to japan -- ver very near and dear to japan. >> oh, yes. climate is a huge issue here in japan. i believe the official residence is a sort of green building where they have incorporated construction and other means by which to conserve energy, lower the carbon foot print. it's a very big issue in the japanese culture and japanese politics and certainly the democratic party of japan more forward-leaning on global climate change. but remember, guys, that's not a difficult thing for the united states and japan to create a target like that. it would be extremely difficult for the united states to agree to any sort of target with china. and that's the real big issue when you think of all the negotiations going on, leading up to the global climate change
6:32 am
summit in kobeen haigen next -- could be copenhagen next month. not able to negotiate anything substantive can china. climate change will be a big part of the conversations, where the chinese are not willing to agree to which the united states and other nations that are already with developed economies would like them to. that's a huge impediment to getting a climate change treaty in copenhagen. in addition, the bill in the senate is not moving anywhere. that's also an enormous impediment. the administration is candid about that as well. they wish there were more progress among their democratic allies in congress. gretchen: you said something that struck my attention about the ambassador there, karl eikenberry. since when have beas ambassadors been somebody that we specifically listen to when it comes to a war on terror? that's my first question. secondly, your first answer about afghanistan a few minutes ago was that the president was looking at this from a political
6:33 am
perspective to make sure that he had democrats onboard. a lot of people would argue that you should not approach the war on terror from a political perspective. can you answer both of those? >> sure. well, carm eikenberry -- karl eikenberry is not just a diplomat. for a time in the not too recent past he was the top general in afghanistan. steve: major -- >> i guess we're moving to the press conference now. steve: we are, indeed. thank you. here we go. the president and the prime minister of japan, ladies and gentlemen. >> ladies and gentlemen, i'd like to start the news conference by prime minister hatayama and president obama. as said, both leaders will take a few statements. we'd like to begin with prime minister hata wr ana --
6:34 am
hatayama. >> president obama i'd like to welcome you to japan. i'd like to express my heart felt welcome to you. it is very hard despite the tragedy of the mass shooting in your country that you have taken time out of your busy schedule to come and join us here today. we're very thankful for you, to you. today we have had a 90-minute, very intensive discussion. i'm very happy to have had this opportunity to hold this discussion. well, we have come to call each other barack, yukio. i think we've grown accustomed to calling each other by our names. and we did cover a lot of ground today.
6:35 am
first, for japan's diplomacy, the u.s.-japan alliance is the corner stone. and this is one thing i've stressed. but as time changes and as the international environment changes, there is a need for to us further develop and deepen the u.s.-japan alliance to make it even more constructive and future oriented alliance. this was what i have proposed today. and u.s.-japan alliance, actually, so happens that next year marks the 50th anniversary of the revision of the u.s.-japan security treaty. and start from today, a year to start a new process of deliberation. i have made this proposal. and president obama has given his consent and support towards this idea.
6:36 am
now, the u.s.-japan alliance, in looking at it from the security front, actually we have to cooperate in proliferation deteerns -- deterrence, information protection, missile of defense, and the use -- [inaudible] we need to consider the new systems for insuring security. this is my thinking. the u.s.-japan alliance is not just focused on security. for example, disaster preventi prevention, oil, health, education. we had many levels, and also environmental issues as well. we need to cooperate in all of these areas so as to cooperate in the asia pacific and others so that we can further deepen
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our bilateral alliance. i believe that we have reached an agreement on these points. now, in turning to the global situation, again there are different topics that we've covered. from my side, i've talked about afghanistan and our support to afghanistan. to afghanistan, we will not be taking part in the refueling but instead providing civil assistance. and we are planning to mainly provide civil assistance of five billion yen in five years for agriculture, building of infrastructures, schools. this is the type of assistance we want to provide. and also to improve security we want to support the police force in afghanistan. so that more for the former
6:38 am
soldiers, we want to provide vocational training. these are the types of things that we want to conduct. i've communicated this to the president. and towards this assistance package president obama, in principle, has stated his gratitude, appreciation, for this assistance. and furthermore, when it comes to assistance in afghanistan, it is important that we try to directly talk with one another as to the assistance to be provided. now, in the area of climate change, again, we have talked on this subject. by 2050, i have set out this goal of an 80% reduction. and of japan and u.s. have
6:39 am
agreed on this. we want to make it a success. we have agreed to cooperate towards this end. and including china and others, there are other issues that need to be resolved. therefore, we need to collaborate to address these challenges. now, in regards to nuclear disarmament, again we have agreed to cooperate with one another. now in regards to nuclear issues and also climate change we have issued a joint statement. and i do believe tha this indice of itself and that we can take up issues at the summit meeting
6:40 am
is something of vital importance. now, on the economic front, well, the economy was not a major issue this time. and, again, this might reflect the times in which we're living. over dinner, maybe. we hope to be able to discuss the issue of the economy. now, in relation to nuclear issues, north korea, iran, was also discussed from president obama. and again we have agreed to cooperate with one another. and special representative will be visiting north korea, or maybe visit north korea shortly. but this is on a premise of the six-party talks. and i do endorse this speaking
6:41 am
and have stated so to the president. and in regards to iran, again we have to support -- we would like to support the approach to iran. but on the one hand we want to emphasize the relationship and also at the same time have promised to strengthen our alliance vis-a-vis iran. also, again, in asia, president obama has stated that, yes, we have a vital role to play, especially in east asia. i believe that there is this alliance as the cornerstone on which we can rely. and in asia, the fact that the u.s. presence increases is something to have expectation towards. various levels in asia and east
6:42 am
asia and asia on the whole. and both japan and the united states should deepen. and as a result, in east asia we hope to bring about peace, stability, and economic prosperity in this region. this is something that we have pledged. i don't want to take up all the time myself. therefore, i'd like to conclude. but i do think that this summit meeting was extremely meaningful. and on this note i'd like to once again say that i am very grateful to barack, president obama, to take time to join us here at japan. and also i am thankful that he's chosen japan as his first leg to his visit to asia. as prime minister, representing the japanese people, i'd like to express my gratitude. thank you.
6:43 am
and next, president obama, please. >> well, good evening. it is a great honor to be making my first trip to japan as president of the united states. i have fond memories of visiting japan in my youth. i've been looking forward to this trip for some time. i'm only sorry that michelle and the girls could not join us. the girls have been studying japan in school and so they have a great interest in japanese culture. and hopefully i'll be able to bring them next time. i want to thank the warm welcome that prime minister hatayama and the japanese people have extended. i appreciate the graciousness with which you understood the delay that took place as a consequence of the tragedy at fort hood, texas. japan is my first stop as president in asia. i began my trip here in tokyo because the alliance between the united states and japan is a foundation for security and prosperity not just for our two
6:44 am
countries but for the asia pacific region. in a few months we'll be marking the 50th anniversary of our alliance which is founded on shared values and shared interests that has served our people so well and has provided peace and security for the region in an unprecedented way. that anniversary as prime minister hatayama pointed out presents an opportunity to step back and reflect on what we have achieved, and also find ways to renew our alliance and refresh it for the 21st century. both yukia and i were elected on the promise of change. but there's no doubt our alliance will endure and our efforts will be focused on revitalizing that friendship so that it's even stronger in meeting our successes of the 21st century. it's essential for the united states. it's essential for japan.
6:45 am
and it's essential for the asia pacific region. throughout my trip and throughout my presidency i intend to make clear that the united states is a pacific nation. and we will be deepening our engagement in this part of the world. a said to prime minister hatayama, the united states will strengthen our alliances, build new partnerships, and we will be part of multi-lateral efforts and regional institution that advance regional security and prosperity. we have to understand that the future of the united states and asia is inextricably linked. the issues that matter most to our people. issues of economic growth and job creation, nonproliferation, clean energy. these are all issue that have to be part of a joint agenda. and we had very productive discussions about these issues this evening. it's true that because of the strength of our economic ties, that was not the first item in our agenda.
6:46 am
but we are fortunately going to have the opportunity to spend a lot of time discussing that in singapore in the coming days. as the world's two leading economies, we have spent a lot of time working together in the g-20 to help bring the world back from the brink of financial crisis. and we're going to continue to work to strengthen our efforts so that we can expand job growth in the future. and we will be discussing with our apex partners how to rebalance our deep economic cooperation with this region to strengthen our recovery. the prime minister and i discussed our cooperation on afghanistan and pakistan. and i did thank the people of japan and the prime ministers for the powerful commitment of the $5 billion over the next five years to support our shared civilian efforts in afghanistan as well as the commitment of $1 billion to pakistan. this underscores japan's
6:47 am
prominent role within a broad international coalition that is advancing because of stablght and opportunity -- stability and opportunity in afghanistan and pakistan. and i shared with the prime minister our efforts in refining our approach to make it more successful in the coming year. we discussed our share commitment to stopping the spread of nuclear weapons. and ultimately seeking a world without them. since i laid out a comprehensive agenda in prague to pursue these goals, japan has been an outstanding partner in those efforts. and together we passed a historic resolution in the security council last september. we are building a new international consensus to disiewr loose nuclear materials and -- secure loose nuclear materials. to that end we discussed both north korea and this situation in iran, recognizing that it's absolutely vital that both countries meet their
6:48 am
international obligations. if they do, then they can open the door to a better future. if not, we will remain united in implementing u.n. resolutions that are in place and continuing to work in an international context to move towards an agenda of nonproliferation. finally, we discussed our partnership on energy issues and climate change. the united states and japan share a commitment to developing the clean energy of the future, and we're focused on combating the threat of climate change. this is an important priority for us. i know it's an important priority for the people of japan. and we discussed how we can work together to pave the way for a successful outcome in copenhagen next month. so i believe that we are off to a very successful start. i'm looking forward to continuing the conversation during dinner, as well as we both travel to singapore. and i'm confident that we will
6:49 am
continue to strengthen the u.s.-japan alliance so that it serves future generations. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. now i'd like to proceed to questions. i will appoint the person. once you're appointed, come to the microphone, state your name and affiliation, and also to whom, make clear to whom you want to pose the question. on behalf of the japanese press, please. fuji television. i'd like to ask both leaders. first to prime minister hatayama, you have stated that you'd like to see japan enjoy a more equal relationship with united states in talks about afghanistan and also the ending of the refueling operation and global warming and nuclear
6:50 am
disarmament. do you think that you're able to talk as equal partners and get understanding on this point, especially on the relocation? there is the observation that this will be a difficult issue. for president obama, you are a proponent of a nuclear-free world. i stated if possible, you'd like to visit nagasaki while in office. do you have this desire? and what is your understanding of the house tore cal -- historical meaning of the bombing? do you think it was the right decision? and considering the north korean situation, how do you think the u.s.-japan alliance should be strengthened? and how should both countries cooperate in the field of nuclear disarmament? and also, on the futenma
6:51 am
relocation issue, by when do you think the issue needs to be resolved? should it be that japan carry over the discussion decision to next year or decide on something outside of what is being discussed? how would you respond? starting with prime minister. let me start. i was asked a great deal of questions. the president himself has said that we are equal partners and should be equal partners. so in this context we have talked about the assistance to afghanistan, climate change, and furthermore nuclear abolishment.
6:52 am
and i think you can ask him, but i do believe that he has regarded us, japan, as the equal partner. i have raised a number of issues on my side and think this is proof of our equal partnership. on the issue of the relocation of the futenma air station, regards to this issue, to give you the conclusion we set up this group so as to be able to resolve the issue as early as possible. i have explained why we have this discussion. and under the previous agreement, the u.s.-japan agreement needs to be regarded
6:53 am
seriously. during the election campaign, especially to the okinawans, have stated that we would consider relocation outside of okinawa and outside of the country. it is a fact that we did campaign on this issue and the okinawans do have high expectations. it will be a very difficult issue, for sure. but as time goes by, i think it will become even more difficult to resolve the issue. especially the residents in the futenma district will find it even more difficult to resolve issue as time goes by. so we do understand that we need to resolve the issue as soon as possible and will make every effort to resolve the issue as
6:54 am
quickly as possible within the working group. and we hope that this will lead the way to strengthening our alliance and i sincerely hope that such discussions will take place within the working group. this is something i've communicated to the president. president, please. >> first of all, i am impressed with the japanese journalists, use the same strategy as american journalists. and asking multiple questions. let me insist that the united states and japan are equal partners. we have been and we will continue to be.
6:55 am
we proceed on mutual interest and mutual respect. and that will continue. that's reflected in the japan-u.s. alliance. it will be reflected in the resolution in the base realignment issues related to futenma as the prime minister indicated. we discussed this. the united states and japan have set ape high-level working group that will focus on the implementation that our two governments reached with respect to the u.s. forces in okinawa. we hope to complete this expeditiously. our goal remains the same to provide the defense of japan with minimal intrusion on the lives of the people who share the space. i have to say that i am extraordinarily proud and grateful for the men and waim in uniform from the united states -- women in uniform from the united states who help to us honor our obligations to the
6:56 am
alliance and our treaties. with respect to nuclear weapons and the issues of nonproliferation, this is an area where prime minister hatayama and i have discussed repeatedly in our meetings. we share i think a vision of a world without nuclear weapons. we recognize, though, that this is a distant goal, and we have to take specific steps in the interim to meet this goal. it will take time. it will not be reached probably even in our own lifetimes. but in seeking this goal we can stop the spread of nuclear weapons being we can secure loose nuclear weapons, we can strengthen the nonproliferation regime. as long as nuclear weapons exist, we will retain our
6:57 am
deterrent for our people and our allies. but we are already taking steps to bring down our nuclear stockpiles in cooperation with the russian government, and we want to continue to work on the nonproliferation issues. now, obviously, japan has a unique perspective on the issue of nuclear weapons as a consequence of hiroshima and nagasaki. and that, i am sure, helps to motivate the prime minister's deep interests in this issue. i certainly would be honored. it would be meaningful for me to visit those two cities in the future. i don't have immediate travel plans, but it's something that would be meaningful to me. you had one more question. and i'm not sure i remember it. was it north korea?
6:58 am
>> [question inaudible] >> there were three sets of questions. right? you asked about north korea? >> north korea as well. yeah. >> with respect to north korea, we had an extensive discussion about how we should proceed with pyongyang. obviously we were disturbed by what took place, some of the belligerent action that had taken place in an earlier period of this year. we have continued to say that our goal is a nonnuclear korean peninsula that's vital for the security of east asia. and the united states and japan with the other members. six-party talks will continue to
6:59 am
work to show north korea that there is a pathway, a door, for them to rejoin. i hope it will enhance their securities. the implementations will be nut place and we will continue to coordinate closely with japan and the other six-party members. in helping to shape a strategy that meets our security needs and convinces pyongyang to move in a better direction. gretchen: we've been listening to the live press conference. the live press conference with the prime minister of japan. they basically talked about a coalition between the two countries and that the japanese
7:00 am
prime minister said he had support for the six-party talks and that would include north korea. wearing down or taking out our nuclear arsenal and proliferation focusing on the proliferation. steve: a world without nuclear weapons. brian: as well as change. elected for change. steve: 7:00 in the east. you are watching "fox & friends" on this friday. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute gretchen: it is a friday, the of november, 2009. the army called him major hasan but major hasan calls himself an soa. a soldier of alla. what else we are learning about the man accuse accused of murdering 13 people. brian: can a lead sheik mohammed are coming to the united states, new york city for trial. we will break down the
7:01 am
implications. steve: thanks, brian. sarah palin talking for the first time about her interwould you have katie couric? >> it was a good interview and, of course, i'm thinking if you thought that was a good interview, i don't know what a bad interview was. steve: ain't that the truth? wait until you hear what palin says about the father of her grandson. meanwhile, our slogan on this friday morning comes from liz in new jersey, my alarm it starts abeeping and i pop up like toast because "fox & friends" is coming on the show i love the most. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute brian: here is the president of the united states talking about khalid sheik mohammed. >> a matter of making certain that when i send young men and women into war and i devote billions of dollars of u.s. taxpayer money it's making us safer. and that the strategies that are
7:02 am
in place not just on the military side but also on the civilian side are coordinated and effective and our primary goal, which is to make sure that the united states is not subject to attack and its allies are not subject to attack by terrorist networks and that there is stability in the region that helps to facilitate that larger goal. and i recognize that there have been critics of the process. they tend not to be folks who i think are directly involved in what's happening in afghanistan. those are, recognize the gazette of the -- gravity of the situation and recognize the importance of getting this right.
7:03 am
the decision will be made soon. it will be one that is fully transparent so that the american people understand exactly what we are doing and why we are doing it and what it will entail entail. it will also, i think, send a clear message that our goal here ultimately has to be for the afghan people to n. a position to provide their own security and the united states cannot be engaged in an open-ended commitment. i'm very proceed with the process that's proceeded and those who have participated would acknowledge that it has been not an academic exercise but a necessary process in order to make sure that we're making the best possible decisions.
7:04 am
[speaking in japanese] steve: they're just wrapping up a press conference. japan's white house where he has had press availability with japan in a moment ago in a wide ranging interview. president obama said the decision on afghanistan will come soon and will be transparent to the american public. he also said that accused 9/11 plotter khalid sheik mohammed will get the most exacting demands of justice. in fact, this comes on the heels of the news this morning later this morning the attorney general of the united states, eric holder is going to announce that khalid sheik mohammed and four others will stand trial here in new york city. gretchen: we're back with former assistant secretary of state and center for policy frank gaffney live from d.c. this morning. you were on our air earlier
7:05 am
talking about the for the hood shootings and then these alerts started coming in that eric holder, the attorney general of the united states will make the announcement later today that khalid sheik mohammed is coming to new york city. do you find anything about the timing of this interesting or am i being too cynical? >> well, i don't know about the timing. all i can tell you about the quality of the decision. i think this is a disaster. what the president says is going to be exacting justice i think is going to be anything but because what will happen, the moment khalid sheik mohammed and his coconspirators or fellow travelers arrive in the united states, they will be enviewed with a host of constitutional rights that is almost unimaginable to most americans we are going to be giving to our enemies people sworn to our destruction. they will also be immediately lawyered up with some of the best lawyers in the country who will be working to apply those rights in ways that may well get them sprung because we're going to find that suddenly some of the techniques that were used to
7:06 am
extract information from khalid sheikh mohammed, for example, waterboarding constitutes torture in the view of judges or otherwise there will be efforts made to spring these guys. steve: do you really think it is possible that they might get off? they might walk? >> yeah. i think andy mccarthy, national review on line, former prosecutor put it very well the other day. the biggest problem with this kind of practice is not that these guys are going to get, released from prison through their own violent means, but because they will walk out, because some judge says hey, you know, or the government says hey, you know, we can't try them in courts in the united states. that's why keeping them in guantanamo bay, i think, is absolutely appropriate. brian: you know what he said when he was arrested can a lead sheik mohammed. he secretary of defense i'm not going to say anything until i get to new york city and get a lawyer. they said i don't think so. they thought it was going to be like the blind sheik trial it
7:07 am
was delayed for six or seven years. he is actually going to get his day in court. and you can imagine, remember all those scenes of the blind sheik walking into manhattan and all the screams and circuses the zacarias mousavi case was and he admitted he was guilty. bring the master mind of 9/11 here. it's impossible to put that in perspective, i think. >> no. i think you are absolutely right. he will be a rock star in the prison system. one of the things we have been learning about the influence operations and other mechanics of what's been happening in our country by those who adhere as i talked about earlier to sharia is they use our prisons as incubators for people to their recruiting to jihad. having a guy like khalid sheik mohammed anywhere in the system i think will only enhance that effort and make this a much more dangerous century than it is today. serious mistake. gretchen: i had not even thought about that my mind is spinning
7:08 am
this morning. i'm thinking that greg craig is going to resign today as the top lawyer because of the wrangling over gitmo. the very first resolution that president obama signed was to close gitmo. that has not happened. and now on the heels of the president being half a world away, have you his attorney general making the announcement that these five characters are coming to the united states of america. >> look, this wasn't just eric holder's decision alone. you can bet this was fully coordinate nated with the white house. and greg craig is involved in what is a debacle. the president's decision was ill-advised. the furtherance of it, which is frankly part of what they are doing by bringing ksm here is ill-advised and the repercussions of it are going to be very long-lasting against the back drop of what we saw at for the hood. i think most plerns saying what are we doing here? who is in charge? is anybody paying attention to the gravity of what these sharia types have in mind for us?
7:09 am
i'm afraid the answer at the moment is not. so clearly, yes. steve: and, frank, you mentioned fort hood, the news this morning apparently the alleged shooter, this nidal hasan had printed up some business cards he kept in his desk at his apartment that said soa, which means soldier of allah which you can see under his name. the story we were talking about. how you think there is a possibility these fellows like can a lead sheik mohammed may actually walk. and then you look at how the government charged him yesterday, mr. hasan, with 13 counts of capital murder. there is a possibility he might not serve the ultimate justice because the last time the military -- he is up for the death penalty. that's a potential. but the last time the military actually executed anybody was 1961. >> right. but why isn't the guy being charged with terrorism? steve: yeah, why?
7:10 am
>> why isn't this guy being considered a terrorist in furtherance, again, of this sharia agenda. this is what is really worrying. it's so important that the public understand that why they can't figure this out is because i believe in ways that are quite comprehensive we have been subjected in this country, our government, our prisons, our military, other institutions to a sort of influence operation that says hey, you can't even talk about this. you can't even understand the true gravity of it because that will cause you to be considered a racist, a bigot, an islam that thatislam pfrmt hobe. we have got to be clear we are up against enemies who are determined to destroy us. they are using sophisticated means inside our country and that's part of why i think we have gotten this so badly wrong to this point is we haven't understood that we haven't come to grips with it. gretchen: remember when we
7:11 am
weren't going to call it the war on terror anymore. >> yeah, we are not. gretchen: we weren't going to call it domestic anything. overseas contingency operations. now we have this fort hood situation. my question to you this morning is how persuasive do you think this problem is we know how pervasive it it is outside of the military. in new york city alone they quashed nine major attacks since 9/11. how pervasive do you think this could be inside our military? >> i think it's a serious problem inside the military because, among other influence operations has been the recruitment, the training, the certification of chaplains by a front or several fronts, actually, of the muslim brotherhood, an organization whose mission is to destroy us from within. you have some of those chaplains in our military and by the way a saudi funded influenced operation as well aimed at converting americans in the military to the muslim faith according to sharia, that's a potentially huge problem. not all muslims, needless to say, certainly not all of them
7:12 am
in the uniforms of our country, but some at the very least are, i think, probably aligned with major hasan and with the larger program of which he was a part. brian: frank gaffney, there is so much breaking news. thanks for staying around with us. >> a pleasure. brian: president obama is in tokyo this morning. we have been carrying his joint press conference. we have been doing it live. major garrett has been scrambled. he is travelling with the president and joins us now. major, what's your take on the press conference and on the prepared remarks? >> well, about as expected. both presidents and prime minister talked about renewing, refreshing, reexamining the united states-japan relationship. that's politically an imperative for the new prime minister and his democratic party of japan because they have overturned lmg a continuous 50 year rule of
7:13 am
democratic party here in japan. both said in their own ways when push comes to shove, not that there is going to be a lot of pushing and shoving, at least publicly all of the security arrangements and most of the economic arrangements between the united states and japan will be recodified and reinstituted and continued as they exist. one reason they have to look at things afresh is it campaigned on basically a message of change and brought together knocked the liberal party of japan out of power after almost 50 years of continuous rule. more than half of the 47,000 u.s. marines are stationed in japan. there is now a cabinet level group japanese and president obama says it's a good group, going to look at it and deal with this group expeditiously. in the end u.s. is going to require that japan honor the agreement as it stands now and there is not going to be a fundamental change in that that will have to be digested here
7:14 am
politically and that will be a setback for the prime minister. on afghanistan, the japanese have ended refueling operations in the indian ocean put together $5 million in reconstruction aid. that's a tradeoff the united states is generally satisfied with. and they talked about nuclear nonproliferation. a lot of discussion about that same thing on climate change. in the main, this is not a huge news-breaking event for either the japanese or the americans. basically a way to exercise the political relates for this new party in japan. relook at things but in the main keep them basically the way they're. steve: major garrett reporting live from japan where it is 9:14 in the evening. gretchen: i want to ask you a question about his answer to afghanistan, major. i thought it was interesting. i think there will be some people that will take offense to the way in which he answered the question about him taking time to make this decision. he said, president obama said that those who have been critical are those who are not been involved in the situation
7:15 am
in afghanistan. do you think that's a fair statement? >> that's for the public to decide. the second deliberateive process. white house has he taken criticism from republicans some on the left. is that once this decision is made the president is going to stick with it. they know in the white house that whatever the president decides, whether it's 40,000 troops in afghanistan or 10 to 15,000 or some variation in between, his rolling in the afghanistan war now 8 years old has been defined at least part of his presidency. the answer i gave to you earlier gretchen before the press conference about the political dynamics of it i didn't mean to suggest that's the only calculation the president is making. diplomatic security, nato decisions but you cannot as this president or any president make a decision about afghanistan and
7:16 am
not weigh the political rallies on capitol hill. if you make a decision and you can't get the votes to balk up, that decision is not going to be undone. this president doesn't want to take the risk of having that decision undone by his own party unwilling to provide the financial wherewithal to prosecute that war in afghanistan, a war of necessity the president called. i hope the viewers don't see my remarks as political from the white house. you can't ignore political realities as you make a decision of this gravity. brian: just people involved in the process. when you read general mcchrystal's report he talks about the speed in which we have to go and change our strategy there and time does matter and is essential. it's done on august 30th and here we are in the middle of november. >> without a doubt. that is a dramatic tension point. it is one of the reasons that
7:17 am
the white house understands it is under increasing pressure to make this decision. the one -- there is actually two answers the white house has to that. first of all, the year time line that general mcchrystal pointed out, specifically deals with what he wants as far as a decision on troops so they can be in place before the traditional spring military engagement in afghanistan by the taliban and its al qaeda allies. second of all, so, to be ready for that, the white house believes it has a couple more weeks to make this decision and get the troops over there in time for the spring offensive. secondarily, the white house also says things have changed a little bit in the last six to eight weeks. first with the contested election, reelect harmid karzai and then whether there was going to be a run off or isn't going to be a run off. now there isn't going to be a run off. makes a troop decision now before there are any fundamental steps by the karzai government address underlying accusations some it is blatant truth about
7:18 am
corruption in that government if the white house moves troops in and makes any decisions to moves without karzai. then they let him off the hook there is a sense by the white house by holding this back they can apply more pressure. at some point the white house has to decide and many analysts i have talked to said, look, karzai is not going to bunk, if you are waiting for that that might be a fool's errand. gretchen: very insightful points this morning. major garrett, it's always great to speak with you. you are with the president over in tokyo. thank you. back here at home, unemployment is at its highest rate since 198. we will get new numbers in just an hour. president obama yesterday announced a job summit to be held next month. >> we'll gather coos and small business others, financial experts, as well as representatives from labor unions and nonprofit groups to talk about how we can work together to create jobs and get this economy moving again. gretchen: but is that the solution? steve forbes, chairman, and ceo,
7:19 am
and editor and chief of forbes media says solving unemployment is no mystery. also the author of how capitalism will save us. good morning to you, steve. >> good to be with you. gretchen: all right. so the president said he is going to create this jobs summit. do you think that will be the answer to our unemployment numbers? >> of course not. it's very clear what needs to be done and what's disturbing about this unemployment is the extent to which people are unemployed. new businesses are not creating jobs. small businesses with not creating jobs. the duration is going up. it's not just laughs. we -- just layoffs. you need a strong and stable dollar to get our credit system going again to small businesses get the money. in terms of taxes, instead of raising them, they should be lowering tax rates. on health care, all of these new mandates and small businesses a real dampener. you go down the list and his agenda is a big part of the blockage out there. gretchen: then there is talk of a second stimulus which we are going to ask you about right as we go to commercial and come back. we have had so much breaking news this morning.
7:20 am
stick around you if you will. talk about in this morning, acorn, the group caught on camera helping the pimp and prostitute hiding money. now acorn is suing the government. wait until you hear what for. and sarah palin talks for the first time about her interview with katie couric. >> it was a good interview and, of course, i'm thinking if you thought that was a good interview i don't know what a bad interview was. gretchen: more from sarah palin straight ahead. 100 potato chips or 100 pringles. both cost the same, but only the pringles superstack can makes everything pop! ♪ hey [ male announcer ] same cost but a lot more fun. ♪ everything pops with the pringles superstack can!
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gretchen: the guy who has a lot of titles. steve forbes. i left it with a cliff hanger before whether b. whether or not there will be a second stimulus
7:24 am
plan. i know how you feel about it but why will it be a wrong thing in your mind. >> it's like taking a bucket of water from one end of the pool to the other. doesn't increase the supply of water in fact it starts to evaporate. they should be looking for incentives for people to start new businesses, people to exfanned existing businesses and have regulators get off the backs of banks in terms of making loans to sound businesses businesses. it's risky enough to make investment, commercial risk but to have a currency risk on top of it, it is poison. gretchen: how can can there be so much disparity in one country about how to fix the economy. you are saying be exactly the opposite of what the obama administration is saying. how can there be two diverging thought processes. >> good question. part of it is a reaction of what happened in the last two years which i think came from government policy. that's in our book with elizabeth ames how capitalism will save and how it will save us. mistakes that brought on this crisis.
7:25 am
starting with the federal reserve printing too much money. this started under the bush administration so this was a bipartisan messup. they don't look at the early 80's. 70's dreadful. higher unemployment than today. huge deficits. 18% mortgage rates. cutting tax rates, killing the inflation, the economy came roaring back. gretchen: you said if the senate killed health care it would provide a recovery boost it? >> would mean no new taxes and mandates on businesses and huge drain on the economy there are positive things to be done in health care such as allowing to you buy health insurance around the country instead of just what the state politicians say you can buy there are positive things that can be done. gretchen: capitalism today love it or leave it, is capitalism still alive in america. >> that's the forum we are going to be doing today. capitalism is under assault in this country. that's why we wrote why capitalism will save us is pro-sizely why we need to understand, again, the essence
7:26 am
of free enterprise which is serving the needs and wants of other people. we get that right, a lot of other things fall in place. gretchen: steve, you are going to have-to-have that round table discussion. the president will have a jobs summit coming up. i will see if you get invite to that. >> i think you will get one before i do. gretchen: acorn now suing the federal government? do you think that stinks? wait until you hear who is paying for the fight? and former vice presidential nominee sarah palin sitting down with oprah winfrey from everything running with mccain to interview with katie couric and levi johnson. new film 2012 is causing quite a frenzy. >> lost our last two engines. gretchen: the film shows the world ending in 2012. it's how we get that that's causing the controversy. we will explain the film's claims next. ll tblar orvefse em ds e de l ng tigin
7:27 am
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
>> let's talk about the interview with katie couric. >> [ laughter ] >> must we? ok. >> you talked about it in the book so i assumed everything in the book is fair game. >> it is. >> you do say it wasn't your best interview. do you think that was a seminole defining moment for you that interview? >> did i not. neither did the campaign. in fact, that is why segment
7:31 am
two, and three and four and five may be scheduled. the campaign said right on, good. you are showing your independence. this is what america needs to see and it was a good interview. of course i'm thinking if you thought that was a good interview. -- steve: there you have got governor sarah palin talking with oprah winfrey. it's going to be broadcast next week as her book going rogue comes out. we do know now that it's 413 page and she does devote time to the dynamics by behind the decision of her going on the news with cbs katie couric. and apparently john mccain aids by the name of nicolle wallace talked her into it you know what? katie is a working mom like you. and she is a fan of yours, governor. so it would be lay up. gretchen: she should have come over here and got a working mom on this couch too and maybe would have been a better interview. brian: she turned us down as far
7:32 am
as i know. gretchen: she did. brian: the way they describe katie couric i felt bad for her. her ratings were suffering. low self-esteem. like her i thought this that was very strange. the opposition research wasn't effective and she thought she was being badgered by katie couric. >> and she was biased. she had a political agenda and political ax to grind. >> that should have come as no surprise to a conservative woman. but anyway she also commented on levi johnston and i'm pausing because it's hard to know what to call him he is the father of her grandson who has come out and basically fired right back against her. i thought she took a very interesting tact with oprah to not fire off again. here is what she said. >> one final question about levi. will he be invited to thanksgiving dinner? [ laughter ] >> you know, that's a great question. and it's lovely to think that he would ever even consider such a thing because, of course he is a
7:33 am
part of the family and you want to bring him in the fold and under your wing and he needs that, too. oprah. i think he needs to know that is he loved and he has the most beautiful child and this can all work out for good. it really can we don't have to keep going down this road of controversy and drama. we're not really into the drama. more productive. we have other things to concentrate on. brian: this is the most important week of her life. she could totally make the mccain campaign back burner stuff. oh yeah, i remember. that's the old sarah palin. after she does all her interviews at the end of the day day. brian: or it's not going to ever happen. steve: a number of the john mccain aides involved in handling her portion of the campaign anonymously, naturally spoke to the new york daily news enforce the fact 25% of the country loves her and everybody
7:34 am
else thinks she is not up to it. meghan mccain was on "the o'reilly factor" last night with me during the culture warrior segment and we were specifically asked our thoughts about women in politics. >> i mean, i do think it's harder, i do. from my experiences anywhere from speaking at colleges to going on television shows, it is a double standard. i would always be curious to know if my father had picked a male running mate and her teenage daughter were pregnant how the media would have handled that in a different way than they handled it with sarah palin. brian: that's interesting because megan i know was on our couch almost the same week that the vice president candidate was announced sarah palin. and she says i look up to her. she says she is a great role model to me. i love hanging out with her and we listen to the same music. gretchen: she still does. what she was saying last night she worries that young women will not get into politics because it seems young women are eviscerated on the left and the right. hillary clinton was an active
7:35 am
first lady and she couldn't win in that role. sarah palin who was very attractive and sometimes what comes with that that you are not that smart. unfortunately that's the stereotype. she couldn't win in that role. it's a difficult process whether women will find politics a goal of theirs if that's what's going to happen to them ultimately. all right. so, that was an interesting discussion. coming up on our show we have a couple more headlines for you this morning. a bomb. person war leaving at least 10 people dead. this video shows the chaos moments after the explosmghts spy agency sons cybil for running most of the country's anti-terror campaign. an hour later a second homicide bombing targeting a police station near the afghan border. six people killed including five police officers. brian: former president george w. bush expressing doubt about the growing role of government. >> i went against my free market instincts and approved temporary intervention to unfreeze the
7:36 am
credit markets so weekend avoid a major global depression. show as greater threat to prosperity is not too little government involvement but too much. brian: president bush making those comments during his first scheduled public speech at southern methodist university in dallas where his library will be. steve: meanwhile disgrades new york governor eliot spitzer invited his alma matter harvard to speak to the university's ethics center. the "new york post" reporting the invite drew an objection from the woman who reportedly supplied spitzer with an escort. the controversy eventually led to spitzer stepping down as governor. but during his speech at harvard on ethics, spitzer focused on money stuff. >> when the choice had to be made between integrity. integrity and profits, they chose the wrong way.
7:37 am
>> sometimes people choose the wrong way. talking about integrity. number 9. consequencely only government could effectively police the marketplace on wall street. alexandria virginia tony snow mile for america race. tony snow who was, of course, the host of fox"fox news sunday" and went on to become president bush's press secretary sadly he passed away from colon cancer you can make a donation to the colon cancer coalition. get your rear in brian: great cause. steve: a big nor'easter scooting up the northeast. low pressure just east of cape hatteras north carolina. producing an historic coastal storm across the mid-atlantic coast. coastal flooding and flash flooding will be coming up
7:38 am
southern new jersey today. areas of virginia and north carolina have picked up anywhere from 8 to 11 inches of rain. in fact, let's go ahead and take a look. we have got some live pictures. take a look at that, virginia beach, virginia. we do understand that out there in the mid-atlantic the rain could be tapering off this evening over northeastern, north carolina and southeastern new jersey but we will continue to rumble north up the shore into maryland and delaware. winds are going to be strongest across far eastern virginia delmarva peninsula and maryland and delaware as well. winds 30 to 50 miles per hour. it is a rotten day. gretchen: you have seen the video here on "fox & friends" showing acorn employees -- in light the scandal congress passed that bill that cut -- now acorn is suing the government. they are calling those cuts illegal and unconstitutional. brian: we're joined by ken blackwell now, former ohio state
7:39 am
secretary of state and senior fellow with the research council. acorn fighting back. do they have a shot here? >> i don't think so. you know, it's -- the whole country has gone through alice in wonderland's looking glass. what's up is down and what's down is up. this is crazy. they are arguing that congress should have turned a blind eye to their waste of tax money. their fraud. this is crazy. gretchen: ken, i remember bertha lewis who runs acorn actually thanking the makers of those videos for exposing some of the workers that she deemed to be not up to snuff within her own organization. so how can you thank someone and then sue? >> on its face, megan. look, gretchen, put for the. one is that this is a rare instance where congress has acted responsibly and as good stewards. acorn is now basically saying
7:40 am
that they used some illegal form of of punishment against an organization that should be under ricco investigation. not walking around suing. taxpayer money to sue taxpayers and the congress to lift this ban that will be lifted unless congress acts december the 18th. i think that's what we should be bring attention to. this is not a permanent cut. this is not a permanent ban. this will require congressional action on december the 18th. brian: that's when the budget is finalized. so all these others are temporary. they are band-aids. they are immediate attack. they want to pressure the government just to let it go by the wayside. but their defendants peter geithner, shean donovan. do you think they of are going to feel the pressure to put the funding back? >> i would hope not. look, at a time when we have scarce federal dollars to really
7:41 am
go toward creating opportunity for americans, acorn, an organizations that has engaged in fraud, conspiracy to advance child prostitution is now going to say we need to divert those dollars back to what i think is an illegal enterprise. gretchen: i believe we have a statement from the group that is representing acorn, the center for constitutional rights. and they say. this it's not the job of congress to be the judge, jury, and executioner. we have due process in this country and our constitution forbids lawmakers from singling out a person or group for punishment without a fair investigation and trial. congress, as well as individuals, and organizations must abide by the rule of law. i heard you wanted to bust in. >> look. what they are essentially saying is this -- container which uses punishment. that's ridiculous. this is congress doing its job, providing oversight on an
7:42 am
organization that has wasted taxpayers' dollars and engaged in criminal activity on its own admission. they cannot say that you can't punish this organization because aspects of our organization have enghangted criminal activity. that's ridiculous on its face. brian: ken do they want this fight? we have to go. the more you look, the worse it will get for acorn. they should probably quit while they are way behind. >> my message to them is bring it on. we are going to win this one. brian: 18 minutes before the top of the hour. thanks so much ken blackwell. not only was he communicating with al qaeda. we now know the suspected fort hood shootershad a business card that said soa. soldier of allah. why is he being charged with murder and not terrorism. peter johnson jr. in ten minutes. gretchen: new movie claims the world with end in 2012, scaring lots of people. is it based on fact? we will find out. first the aflac trivia question
7:43 am
of the day born in 1967, this performer hosted a show that made fund of his own gender. enough to he is on late nights. who is he?
7:44 am
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7:46 am
♪ >> hurry up. look behind you. >> come come on. get out of the way. get out of the way. brian: come on, the world is ending. pick up the pace. a new move hitting theaters today says the world 2012 will be the end of the world as i know it and i feel fine. is there any truth to that claim? >> we are joined by a professor of theoretical physics the
7:47 am
author of the book physics of the impossible. >> movie. >> he has seen the movie and he is a smart guy. he knows about this kind of stuff. according to the movie the end of the world is december 21st, 2012. that date comes from some place, doesn't it? >> that's right. first of all, don't quit your day job yet. it comes from the calendar which does in fact end on 2012 but a new cycle begins. it was supposed to be a time of celebration, a time of renewal. people forget that fact and say the world ends on 2012. brian: when the planets all align. the sun and earth will align the center of the galaxy also on 2012. is it not true that there is a black hole in the center of the galaxy and all of these facts come together to destroy the planet as we know it. >> everything is truex september the last statement. steve: destroy the earth and life as we know tngeghts the jupiter effect happens once
7:48 am
every century or so. the planets will align. that's how the movie begins in fact and the sun and the earth do align to the center of milky way galaxy in december. that happens every year. linement happens every year. jupiter effect once every century or so hey, we are still here. brian: you are giggling about it in the movie, not to give it away. some interesting things happen the south pole comes near wisconsin? >> that's right. this is the mother of all shake and bake movies. i love this movie. the special effects a. science i give it an f though. >> just like that. why is it seems like once a year there is somebody out there saying ok, the end of the world is going to be tuesday. >> there are so many -- through history, i guess, there have been so many legends and then eventually because they thought back in the middle ages we will never get to 2009. well, here we are. >> i think it's embedded in our western culture this apocalyptic vision of thing of ending. in the east it's more like
7:49 am
cycles rather than endings. but we're used to thinking that way. that's why the y 2-6r789 -- y 2 k thing happened. tremendous miss tear i can't. in 2013 i'm going to be sleeping soundly. brian: if you are sleeping soundly that's ok with me. steve: thank you very much. whenever we have big problems we always call on him. brian: too bad we didn't call him earlier, i sold everything. steve: that's ok because i bought it cheap. thank you, sir. meanwhile straight ahead the president calling for intelligence probe into fort hood. did the white house and the feds know more about the suspected shooter than they are letting on? peter johnson jr. here next. brian: today is november 13, 2009, on this day in history 1835 texas declared itself independent of mexico. remain a separate nation for 10 years. some say it still is. steve: 1998, paula jones settinged her sexual harassment lawsuit against president bill clinton. there she is right there.
7:50 am
brian: soon after got a new nose. the theme from miami vice the number one single in america. steve: i stopped wearing socks. ♪ .
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
brian: the answer to the question is jimmy kimmel. the president calling for an investigation over the intelligence related to nidal hasan. the president was apparently shown copies of e-mails hasan said the radical -- sent to radical imams.
7:54 am
>> there are no charges at this point in the federal courts. brian: so we could be going the military way? >> that was a choice made by the white house, and is protected of the white house. let me tell you how. if major hasan is to be executed, convicted, the president has the final decision in that. for him to doç that, he needs o stay silent, to a great extent, about these charges, said there is protection about the white house where they do not need to be drawn into the charges. if he was charged in district court under the attorney general under terror and capital murder laws, then it would be
7:55 am
different. he would not be the person to ultimately decide terrorism. brian: why don't weç just conclude that this was terrorism? he said he was a self- identified soldier of allah. what is the difference here? >> the difference between a federal district court trial is there would be a jury of peers, so to speak. in a military trial, the jury would be officers who are the same rank or about -- above. there was an awareness by the white house on the day this took place, according to one published -- report, that the president must provided copies of the e-mails that was said to
7:56 am
the imam. at the same time, the generals said this was not an act of terrorism, but off the record this weekend there were stories about ptsd, talk about the stressors on american troops, and providing a narrative that this was someone who snapped. brian: that seemed farcical, and in the new vigor the. >> it seems to be a distraction otherwise. -- and they knew early. brian: khalid sheikh mohammed coming to the u.s. for trial. we will break down the implications with geraldo rivera.
7:57 am
and the closely watched 23rd congressional district race in new york is not quite over? how this could dramatically affect health care.
7:58 am
7:59 am
the world could use a little more space
8:00 am
by moving 35,000 truckloads of freight each day csx trains give you a little more space csx. how tomorrow moves. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute gretchen: tgif, everyone. this is a fox news alert. the army called him major hasan, but we are learning something new about him from his business card, soldier of allah? steve: and the fed's looking to seize assets of one bank who says they have found that to iran. brian: and an extortion case
8:01 am
involving cindy crawford. brian: good morning. a frightening hostage crisis. an armed gunmen -- well, we are going to go in a different direction. this is a fox news alert. president obama taking on his asian tour in japan this morning as he meets with the japanese prime minister. molly henneberg is at the white house with the latest. >> that is a nice introduction. good morning. president obama just wrapped up his press conference with the newly elected japanese prime minister yukio hatoyama.
8:02 am
çthe president was asked about two hot topics, afghanistan, and the trials of those 9/11 suspects. on afghanistan he said the troop level decisions will be made soon, and that the goal is for the afghan people to take over their own security, and that the u.s. is not engaged in an open- ended commitment there. for those who believe that he is dithering on issues like i can it -- afghanistan coming here is what he says. >> iç understand where they are coming from but they tend to not the folks who are directly involved in what is happening in afghanistan. those who are, recognize the value of the situation and the importance of us in getting it right.
8:03 am
>> breaking news this morning that eric holder will be announcing that khalid sheikh mohammed and four others held at guantanamo bay for their roles anin the 9/11 attacks will be tried in new york. he said that it was a prosecutorial decision. >> absolutely convinced that khalid sheikh mohammed will be subject to the most exacting demands of justice. the american people insist on it, and my administration insists on it. >> the transfer will not have been born many more weeks and is not clear if they could face the death penalty. back to you. gretchen: thank you.
8:04 am
also with us shortly is bill bennett. he will be with us to react to the news. he came under fire for shutting down guantanamo, but now the top lawyer at the white house is expected to step down today. he could be the highest ranking official to leave the obama administration. richard heene is expected to plead guilty to a felony charge today. his wife, mayumi, will plead guilty to a misdemeanor. the pleas are part of a deal to keep mayumi from being deported to japan. in albany, new york, two state
8:05 am
employees were caught on camera last year, in part of a parking garage making a drug deal. both have to pay restitution. federal authorities say this man, a german national, is accused of trying to extort $100,000 from cindy crawford and her husband. the allegedç blackmail case involves a photograph of their daughter gagged and tied to a chair. apparently she was dressing up or doing some sort of a skit. >> as long as it was not family
8:06 am
discipline. çsteve: apparently come later today eric holder will say that khalid sheikh mohammed and four others will be coming here to new york city to stand trial. >> i am perplexed why people are so terrified by that prospect, having lived through the 1993 bombing case. these are the worst guys in the world. this will be a criminal case. this man onscreen has admitted to mass murder, admitted to being the head of the conspiracy. this is a slam dunk. you can bring on all the waterboarding you want. he will restate his confession. he will be sentenced to die. gretchen: we spoke to someone earlier we said that this case could be tossed out on a technicality. >> with all due respect, people
8:07 am
are putting their politics ahead of their contents when it comes to terrorism. khalid sheikh mohammed has admitted to cutting off danny pearl's head, admitted to designing the attacks of 9/11. gretchen: let's say he ends up in the prison system and then he infiltrate his thought process to more people behind bars, and then they get out and do nasty things. >> those are unfounded fears. when you look at the black muslims, generally speaking african american, indigent two are converted to the muslim religion, they are not follow words of al qaeda. to think that he is going to get in our prisons and all of a sudden become an effective revolutionary -- we have so many
8:08 am
more things to fear in this world. to generate this year over the execution of justice is preposterous. brian: i am talking about the court system. he is going to say everything because he was tortured. >> but that would be incorrect. reena khalid sheikh mohammed confessed to the pakistanis. he sat down with them and let it out his buddies in the first seven minutes. i am telling you, do not be fooled. khalid sheikh mohammed is on his way, following john allen muhammad, to the great beyond. maybe in its perverse thinking he will have virgin's waiting on the other end, but he is really
8:09 am
just headed for a great. you think we are safer with him in cuba? gretchen: i hope you are right, but i do not think it is a slam- dunk. çbrian: critics have said that the administration has not made the case could this be the administration saying, look what ñrthe george bush's administratn did? >> i believe we have demonstrated we have the security, apparatus, the structure of the federal justice system. they had the evidence. what people are not remembering is the federal government was forced by a previous legal agreement with the military commissioners -- they had to do
8:10 am
this. they went to the military commissioners and said, we promise we will resolve this issue if you stop these military commissions by a date certain. that deadline was coming. we will decide what we will do. the president and eric holder world -- were forced to make this decision, and i believe it is appropriate, and i believe khalid sheikh mohammed will pay the ultimate price. steve: let's switch gears to talk about nidal hasan. his attorney has given an interview, saying he was coherent in their 1-hour meeting, but then started to fade out. his medical condition is serious. now we are learning that someone had found in his apartment --
8:11 am
soa -- next to his name on his business card -- son of allah. this is his private car. -- card. >> we need to be sensitive about this. i believe you mentioned this, gretchen. that is something that deserves a thorough investigation, not by congress, but by something that is non-political. that has the possibility of bearing fruit. i must, however say, however unpopular this sounds, that you have the texas rangers, the fbi, the best investigators in the u.s. army. three magnificent agencies all probing nidal hasan's
8:12 am
background and they have no evidence that he acted in concert with anybody. this was a psychopath, all lot like the beltway sniper -- all lot like the beltway sniper. -- a lot like the beltway sniper. gretchen: but is he a terrorist? >> i do not care, really. gretchen: you don't? >> if you are facing 13 counts of capital murder, no matter how him. i would have preferred that they give him to texas. gretchen: i bet he does not get the death penalty. let's make a bet. steve: tell us about colonel dan.
8:13 am
ç>> my long time war buddy. we were in iraq together on several occasions. he was at fort hood and knows some of those people personally. he is here today playing with the army band. they will be playing tonight and tomorrow. some of our best friends are in the military. steve, thank you. -- steve: thank you. >> everyone remembers the 23rd congressional district. not so fast. it may not be over. there is a possible recount. steve: and a 12-year-old is trapped in his middle school, right next door to where his principal with being held hostage.
8:14 am
as i get older, i'm making changes to support my metabolism. i'm more active, i eat right, and i switched to new one a day women's active metabolism. a complete women's multivitamin plus more for metabolism support. and that's a change i feel good about. new from one a day.
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gretchen: earlier this morning president obama catoctin is before in asia, -- kicked off his story in asia, but how is it going with reports of unemployment above 10%? bill bennett is with us. you had a chance to see the press conference. should the covet -- president be travelling abroad? i think he is going to break the record for having the most trips abroad in his first year. >> i am old enough to beat his father. if i were, i would tell him to come home and finish his homework. it is not time to take a trip. to be thrown over there and making these gratuitous comments -- again, he had to bring up a
8:18 am
regime that and nagasaki. he does not have major business over there, but he does have business here. gretchen: i found myself thinking the same thing. all the people at home are worried about jobs. what about afghanistan? he was asked that question by one of the reporters in the audience. paraphrasing what he said, he said, those who have been critical are those who are not involve inç afghanistan. those of us who are have a different take. there are a lot of people who have been critical who are involved, right? >> i think the people who are most uncomfortable with his decision are the people who have enough experience, like general
8:19 am
mcchrystal david petraeus, the soldiers and their -- general mcchrystal, david petraeus, and the soldiers there. you get whiplash watching this president. how he will explain to us that he shares the same goals of the animals but had better judgment on what to do -- that is what i want to see. gretchen: he kept saying the iraqi war was a mistake and afghanistan is where we should be focusing. >> the politics is extraordinary. some have written about this. iraq was a bad war, so now they need a good one. gretchen: let's talk about your new book. st. nicholas, why he matters to christmas.
8:20 am
>> this and large as your notion of christmas. it deepened people's knowledge of christmas. think about this. in and study to be a priest in 380 find out that a gentleman who lost his fortune has three daughters, they do not have much in terms of a dowry. so he drops a bad of gold through the window into a stocking and run away so as not to be noticed. that was the first christmas. gretchen: so great to see you, bill bennett. the contentious congressional race in upstate new york may not be over and it could directly affect health care reform. and a giant icebergs the size of four football field is a floating off the coast of australia
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
. steve: remember when david axelrod said this? >> the new york 23 race was the one race that was a microcosm of the national debate. steve: so what is going on in new york 23rd district? it turned out the final total may not be so accurate. a report in the syracuse newspaper indicate to the conservative who conceded the race still has a shot at winning. currently he trailed by 3000 votes, and 10,000 absentee ballots have yet to be voted -- counted. joining me now is kirsten powers and a columnist for the
8:25 am
"philadelphia inquirer." this is interesting. maybe the dog hoffman, the independent candidate, maybe he called the opponent of too soon. >> we will have to see how that absentee ballots break. the radically, it could go in his direction, but there is no way to know. >> we will know soon enough. in the meantime, you are talking about a boat to not being counted. this brings us back to pretty difficult times in american history. it has no relation -- but 2000 -- people tend to think of those types of things together. this is something that people will be watching. ultimately, he will attain his seat. steve: i don't know, they have to count 10,000.
8:26 am
in one county they forgotç to tell a bunch of both at the other end. they forgot to count a bunch of both. but because he was sworn in on friday, the day before the health care vote -- so it is that all legitimate? >> he would have to be removed if he did not win, butç the health care bill did not pass by one vote, so it is not going to change anything. >> exactly. nancy pelosi is still the speaker of the house. certainly i would never implied that she would manipulate -- never. in this case, one boat is not going to change the fact that health care passed -- vote is not going to change the fact that health care passed.
8:27 am
steve: nancy pelosi did say, even though there were those two wins at the state house in virginia and in new jersey, she says she sees this as a victory because they held on to new york 23. if it goes to the independent -- >> it is the morning, so on and try to be nice, but that is utterly ridiculous. when you think about the governor's race in new jersey and virginia, for axelrod to say that is not a microcosm -- it is disingenuous. i live in new jersey but i am a native new yorker. i have to deal with the taxes every day. when you look at the fact that the jon corzine was connected
8:28 am
with obama, as a voter come on was asking myself, i am not sure i like this extreme shift to the left because i am a centrist. >> i think there were a lot of local issues at work here. >> i am not saying that there was not, -- >> this is what the bush white house did when they lost those seats -- steve: well, we will keep you posted. meanwhile, this is a fox news alert. khalid sheikh mohammed and four conspirators leaving guantanamo for new york city. what does this mean for their trial? sarah palin talks for the first time about that infamous interview with katie couric. >> if you thought that was a good interview, i do not know what you think a bad interview
8:29 am
is. steve: what she thinks about the father of her grandson. and a seven-year old helps to stop a hostage to tradition at his school. (voice 1) we've detected an anomaly...
8:30 am
8:31 am
(voice 2) how bad is it? (voice 1) traffic's off the chart...
8:32 am
(voice 2) they're pinging more targets... (voice 3) isolate... prevent damage... (voice 2) got 'em. (voice 3) great exercise guys. let's run it again. maybe one of the most important... gretchen: we begin with another fox news alert. khalid sheikh mohammed coming to the united states for his trial, andç he is not alone. the department of justice expected to make the announcement later today.
8:33 am
joining me now is chris wallace. this is going to create a firestone. a lot of people will not be in favor of khalid sheikh mohammed being tried on u.s. soil. your thoughts? >> i have mixed thoughts about it. on the one hand, there seems to be justice in the idea that this man faces a jury of -- i do not know if you would call it appears, but an american jury in the shadow of where the american -- broke into the once stood. on the other hand, it will be a circus. you could see him putting foreign policy on trial. he will figure that his lawyer and the other four lawyers will want to go into the interrogation techniques.
8:34 am
brian: but he confessed? >> if i may finish. they still had a long trial and the moussaoui case and it of being a mess but we ended up convicting him, so i have mixed feelings about this. brian: it could be administration against the administration. he was waterboarding, he knows the system. clearly, experts say that he was not that danny pearl's decapitation but he has claimed doing it. so there are a problem with his own confession. the can say, i was waterboarding, so everything else, you can throw it out. >> we talked about the military commissions. this is what the bush administration was talking
8:35 am
about. in seven years he has never been brought to trial. it is not as if the military way brought quick justice to these guys either. brian: but obama stopped it? >> no, the supreme court stopped it, several times. steve: one man is not coming to new york. how do they pick who comes to new york and who stays in guantanamo? >> t@ese is all what we do not know and it has not even been officially announced, but if they are wrong about this, there will really be a firestorm. they believe they have enough evidence to bring khalid sheikh mohammed to a civilian court and go by those rules.
8:36 am
çclearly, with people like the mastermind of the uss kohl, they feel like they do not have the evidence. gretchen: president obama is now speaking slightly about too much government, and perhaps some of wrap on his own part, saying the bailout was the right way to go. >> i went against my free-market instincts and and freezing the market so that we could avoid a major global depression. as the world recovers, we build face the temptation to replace the risk and reward model of the private sector with a blunt instrument of government spending and control. history shows the greatest threat to prosperity is not too little government involvement, but too much. steve: that was yesterday at the bush institute at smu.
8:37 am
>> i am not saying he believes he regrets the bailout, but it goes against what he thinks we should do going forward. obviously, it is a fairly gentle criticism of the obama administration, the idea of government control is not the way to go. the free-market system, in the long run, is much better for america. steve: behind you, you can tell the nor'easter is moving through the washington area. are you going to be coming to work to do "fox news sunday?" >> i know brian is the type of guy that will just stay home when its rating. but i am like the mailman. nothing will stop me. i like my paycheck, too, so i will be here.
8:38 am
we will be scrambling because we are going to be having to do an entire segment that we were not planning khalid sheikh mohammed. there will be an interesting debate. quite frankly, i have not even thought through the ramifications myself. we will have mitch mcconnell to talk about the president's decision making process in afghanistan. he has spoken out against not bringing these guantanamo prisoners to the u.s., so i am sure he will want to talk about that. the other thing i wanted to ask, is there anything congress can do to stop it? gretchen: rain, sleet, snow, you will be there. thank you. it could be the biggest counterterrorism seizure in history. prosecutors moving to seize the et a skyscraper owned by a muslim organization suspected of being under the
8:39 am
control of the iranian government. prosecutors say the group that owned it had been funneling money to iran for its nuclear program. all told, the assets are worth $500 million.p @ the foundation says it will fight the case. steve: the man convicted of murdering an arkansas tv anger will spend the rest of his life behind bars. a judge sentencing curtis vance to life behind bars without parole. he was paired the death penalty when jurors heard about his abusive childhood and his mother's addiction to drugs. brian: the center for disease control says new estimates show how wide and quickly as one flu has spread. 4000 people are estimated to have died from h1n1. 91,000 people need hospital care because of the virus.
8:40 am
about one-third were kids. steve: you can see what was brewing outside of chris wallace's window there. ida is bringing us a lot of wind and rain. this will be affecting people in new england in the next few days. in the meantime, portion of rain -- this is the heavy stuff in virginia beach. coastal flooding and flash flooding will be coming today. it looks like some spots have picked up 8 inches to 11 inches of rain. more is on the way. ida is being blamed for five deaths. heavy rains are expected to continue. a state of the merged into declared for part of virginia, new jersey, and delaware.
8:41 am
brian: rare sighting by australian researchers. a gigantic iceberg floating off of an island between iceland and australia. it is more than the leg up three with all fields. researchers believe a chunk of ice broke off of the ross ice shelf. that is my favorite ice shelf. gretchen: and one cruise ship heading for her home. it is the largest in the world. all told, the oasis can çcomfortably hold up to 9000 people. that is a city on the water. brian: our next guest says as
8:42 am
president obama troubles on the world more than any other president, we are poised to reach 12% unemployment. steve: and a 7-year-old boy helps police when his school was taken hostage. gretchen: time to check in to weekend. >> 4000 american dead, 22,000 cases of swine flu. how concerned should you be about the spread of the h1n1? alisyn: president obama is options from his military commanders, so is this delay necessary and prudent? is it putting our troops in danger. -- in danger? >> and the macho mattress. how mattress' companies are
8:43 am
teaming up with consumer products. much more of that tomorrow. >> can we get our credit card of for that? vefse em ds e de l ng tigin
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
gretchen: president obama is in asia. he just finished a joint press conference, but with the highest unemployment in 20 years, some are asking whether or not the president should be talking about going green in japan. brian: it with me now is a professor. is this the best way to get a were on the planned number is down? >> traveling the world and talking about the environment will not do it. in fact, this may sound a tush jobs. -- sam a touch -- sabotage jobs.
8:47 am
gretchen: apparently president obama had been to more foreign countries in his first year compared to any other president. do we have the graphic? we do not. apparently, he is setting a new record. no. not? >> -- your thoughts? >> he likes photo ops. he does not have much of the plan. -- of a plan. he says he is going to have another jobs summit. he is going to bring in the same liberal economists, union leaders, and they are going to come up with a christmas tree of programs. the senate wants a bill, but they are going to be brand it because the last one was a failure. brian: maybe singapore is not
8:48 am
the best move. tokyo as well. but how about beijing? they are holding so much foreign currency reserves. shouldn't we be talking directly to china? >> absolutely, but the chinese do not respond unless we are forceful in our actions. we have not been, so they will do something symbolic but the trade deficit will continue to get worse. the reason china as about to do something symbolic about the currency is because other asian countries are now complaining and wants to have influence with them. we are not going to get any place is going to china, kneeling and begging for them to do something. gretchen: do you think the unemployment rate is going to go up in the near future or down? >> up, absolutely. the economy needs to grow 3% a
8:49 am
year to keep it even. it is simple math. the u.s. economy is not poised for a reduction in unemployment any time soon. once the stimulus money is spent, the rising trade deficit will push unemployment, and then it will succeed and%. brian: a sixth grade boy helps police that a gunman who took the school hostage. he says his parents military training helped him to save the day. çbill: good morning. the families of the victims of 9/11 are speaking about this morning and are not happy. why would the u.s. government want to seize control of a handful of mosques around the country? and the miracle dog coming home
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
steve: and a student at a new çyork state medical taken hoste by a gunman three days ago will head back to school the day. in may had our next guest to thank. christopher kraft and turned the school with a shotgun and a principal hostage, trapping inside the school population and 112-year-old. gretchen: using gestures he learned from his brothers in the military, he made important information to officials on the scene. he is with us this morning. you happened to be in the guidance counselor's office next door to where this hostage taker came in.
8:54 am
so you know there is a problem going on. what time did you start putting up? >> i saw the swat car and i did one gun, four pistols, one hostage. steve: that is so smart of you. you had known that he came in, and what did he say to your printable? >> he said he needed to talk to him. steve: you heard that he had a gun, and that is when you gave the swat team assembles. unfortunately, they did not really know what you were doing. >> the they got the gun sign that not about the hostages. steve: so you wrote this message on a piece of paper? gretchen: and they saw that. did they give you any signs back? >> yes, there but back telling
8:55 am
me to jump out the window. the code and you did, but what did you do before that? >> i took the money out of my pants because it was going to make a jingling sound. steve: because of the information that you were able to give to police, they knew what was going on inside. you learned those symbols from? >> my brothers in the military and my dad. gretchen: what has been the reaction? >>ç it was really jittery. gretchen: you mean during the time. now you are jittery because you are on television. so many people with panic in that situation you knew exactly what to do. ç>> i am invoice counter 32. i learned most the about stain
8:56 am
calm, communications. steve: we should point out the gunman was taken into custody and was complaining that the u.s. military and the g.i.'s in particular are not being treated correctly. thank you for doing us. back-to-school, right? we will continue in two minutes.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
brian: what an honor it was to share the count with you. by the way, we have a live video chat with ann coulter. steve: cool. we hope you join us on monday. until then, "america's newsroom ." ."


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